Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Busy

Finally - a few minutes with the computer all to myself and Matt's not giving me the hairy eyeball because I'm not working on sanding and painting all the stuff in the garage! Monday I had William nagging me while doing bills because he wanted to play on Webkinz World. Evie almost beat me here today, but guess who won?!

It feels like I threw my 100th post out there and then disappeared - it's been very busy here the last few days (in addition to bills, laundry, swim team/swim lessons, grocery shopping and more I actually HAVE been doing some sanding and painting, and Matt's been hard at work constructing this for me and making a cabinet for the wall for my craft stuff - can't wait to show it all to you!), but I'm starting to work through my email and check out the blogs of all the new people who've stopped by this week. Yay!

In the meantime, I don't have anything really interesting to say today, so I'll share some pictures from yesterday morning at the playground - I took the little ones to play while Evie had swim practice & it was such a beautiful morning, not too hot but sunny - my favorite time to go the the playground.

William playing peek-a-boo


Silly Sarah

Hi Mom

William - I can't get over how strong he is.

If you're wondering how I manage all this every morning, I'll confess - I have a little help :)

No, not from Edward (um, he's a toy) - Matt is super-terrific-awesome at assisting with the kids on the mornings when he works from home. Yeah Matt!


  1. So good to see Edward out enjoying the day, did he sparkle?
    Can your husband make me one of those shelf thingies too?
    And Webkinz can sometimes be the bane of my existance. Yikes. can i play can i play can i canicani?? pleaaase....?

  2. Oh you know Pocket Edward was a HUGE help with the kiddos....keeping you completely sane!!!


  3. Cute playground pictures! How nice to have help from the hubby when he works from home. I hope you get more time today to relax.

  4. I love how Edward joins you in yourday to day! I think I need to get a fun little pocket companion! :) I can relate to the business! I feel like I have been running full steam ahead for days!

  5. Hey Jen,
    Can't wait to see your cabinet! I am so trying to organize my jewelry stuff and kitchen area where everything seems to pile up. I want it all completed before school starts! Your little peeps are adorable. I think I blogged about you...I'm so tired I can't remember. I put your name somewhere. Have a blessed day!

  6. It kills me that you carry that Edward with you! So funny.

    You are Super-Mom!

  7. Your kids are adorable!

    I carry Edward around with me too! We went swimming over the weekend, I'll post those pictures later. :)

  8. OOOOOH! I need Edward too!!! Lucky girl ;)

    I LOVE your craft table and am envious! I work at a table and have my stuff in 4 locations, including our pantry :(

  9. I love Edward!
    hope things slow down for you soon. I so know the feeling!

  10. You're right, I don't know how you do it!!! I throw a fit if something goes wrong while trying to get myself and the baby ready in the morning for work and daycare. I can't imagine four kids!! There should be some sort of yearly award for that - screw the grammies and the golden globes. We need a Mommies award show where we get to wear really expensive gowns that designers give us and have makeovers and drink champagne and get honoured...that's it, I'm starting a petition.

  11. Your kids are so darling! Isn't it nice to spend time at the park?

    A week ago I wouldn't have any idea who Edward is but I have gotten hooked on the Twilight books (was at B&N at 10pm Saturday night to get New Moon).


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