Monday, July 6, 2009

When can we ??????

During the five minute ride home from swim team practice this morning I was bombarded with the following list of questions:

When can we play mini golf?
When can we play real golf?
When can I ride a rollercoaster? (William)
When can we go to 6 Flags? (Evie)
When can we go to Kings Dominion? (Evie)
When can we go to Willy's (soft serve ice cream)?
Can we go to the pool today?
When can we go to the playground?
Are we going to the library?

I finally turned around and asked, is there anywhere else you'd like to go? The moon, maybe?
(Cheesy grins from the rear of the van). I think my plan to keep them busy is backfiring.


  1. We have the same type rapid fire requests from the back seat here too :)hee hee!

    Swimming sounds fun...maybe we will go do that today. I hope the swim stuff is working out well with all 4 kiddos :)

  2. LOL! MIne don't know how to ask questions yet. They just demand PARK, ICE CREAM, BURGER CHEESE, JUICE.

  3. I understand!! We try so hard to keep them active and entertained, and then they always expect it!! They have the good life, I tell ya :)

  4. LOL - that is funny. What a fun list of to-do items!


  5. OH!!! The library wins. It's free.

  6. That sounds SO familiar. Ugh. : )

  7. oh goodness!! I always get the What are we going to do NEXT!!! As if living in the present moment is not good enough!!!


  8. You poor lady! I don't look forward to the summertime entertainment at all. They should be just grateful they don't have to go to school:) Kids!

  9. Ruh-Row Shaggy! There is a difference between keeping them occupied and running your little self ragged. Find the happy medium....


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