Thursday, July 23, 2009

My New Toy

Yesterday afternoon Matt brought me a new toy from the AT&T store. I can't believe he's enabling me like this - but after years of insisting that I only needed/wanted a 'phone', I started to get sucked in by the beauty and versatility of the iphone. It does so many, many things! If I had an iphone, I would be able to check email and the weather wherever I was. I could even BLOG on it!

My last cell phone was the 'free' one you get after completing your contract - because I didn't want to spend any money on it - and it was 4 years old. While it had a camera, I didn't have whatever you needed set up to be able to send pictures anywhere - and they were crappy anyway so it didn't really matter.

I know Connie (Young and Relentless) loves her iphone, and I think Jen (Tatertots and Jello) did a post recently about all their neat features - and I started to think about having one. The clincher for me was when Jason got his hands on Matt's Blackberry 2 weekends ago, and it has this feature (unknown to me or I would have grabbed it from him right away) that, even though the keypad is locked, you can make an emergency call on it. The police showed up at our driveway for a 911 call. Because these phones have GPS in them, the 911 system was able to identify EXACTLY where we were - normally a cell phone call can only be narrowed down to a 1/4 mile radius. Matt isn't quite sure he's thrilled with this feature, however I would like the emergency crews to be able to FIND ME and my 4 kids when I'm stuck in a blizzard God only knows where someday and we're eating snow to survive.

So now I have my handy new iphone that I'm going to load up with all kinds of fun stuff (did you know there is a massage application?!), I've got all my itunes loaded on it (Twilight soundtrack anyone?), and Matt has phone envy. Thanks honey! :)


  1. You are going to love it! I have a blackberry and I cannot imagine being without it. My husband surprised me with it last summer for my birthday. I did not know about the 911 feature when the keypad is locked, though. Thanks for sharing that story. (Bet, it was crazy when the emergency crew showed up!)

  2. Not another one! You are the 3rd person I know who has gotten a 'new, cool phone' this week. I am trying to resist the peer pressure!!

    have fun!

  3. woohoo! Enabler is the PERFECT word! My blackberry further aids in my addiction! Have fun learning all the cool features! :)

  4. I cant read this right now
    I want one so badly and everyone has one
    I am like the kid who begs their mom for GUESS jeans just because all of the other cool kids are wearing them
    but has no money
    so I will come back and read this later
    right after I forward it to my husband
    and make him feel badly

  5. What a great hubby! So glad you got one!! I'll make a list of all my favorite apps and send it to you!

  6. I have had one for 2 years now and can't imagine life without it!!!! SERIOUSLY!!

    My fav new app is Lose It! It counts your calories eaten & burned and gives you a budget to stay in- I love it!!!

    Have fun getting to know your new toy!!


  7. oh, fun toy you have!
    my phone is ancient! i need to upgrade badly!

  8. I'm happy for you! Let us know how you like it once you get it all the way you want!

    My hubby wanted a iPhone since they announced them, but we're with T-Mobile. Well, a few weeks ago my phone started acting funny and after calling Customer Care, he found out we were both eligible for full upgrades, so we went to pick out phones. I got a Blackberry (which I love), and Hubby got a G1 (T-Mobile's answer to the iPhone). He really likes it for all the reasons everyone likes the iPhone.

    I might have to start taking it away from him at dinner--we sit at the table and he updates his Twitter, reads email, and plays with applications!!

    Don't get addicted!

  9. Whatever you do, DON'T (DO IT! DO IT!) download the game collapse! It's TOO ADDICTIVE (TOTALLY FUN AND THE BEST GAME EVER!)!!! :)

  10. That's so cool! I got the Palm Pre and I LOVE IT. I had iPhone envy over Jessica's (the Great Northwest) phone for a while and I finally talked myself and my husband into it. We just used it at the coast to figure out the weather and where we were and all kinds of good stuff!
    And I checked my blog, email, facebook, etc. Ahh.

  11. I am IN LOVE with my iphone! I don't know what I ever did without it. I had a Blackberry before and hated it, but now I'm in heaven!

  12. Now I've got phone envy as well! I still have my crummy free phone that is 5 years old. Perhaps it's time to upgrade... ;) Enjoy!

    PS - Stop by for the giveaway when you get a chance! :)

  13. The iPhone is my new best friend -- I love it! So glad you're enjoying yours. Your 911 story made me laugh b/c my husband did the same thing last week. Fortunately, they called him back instead of showing up at the house!

  14. I'm skeerd to get one. I'd be afraid I'd never get off of the computer.

  15. I got myself a blackberry on my birthday and love it! Though it's taking me forever to figure out all the different applications...I still haven't even tried to get my music on there because I'm too busy figuring other stuff out lol.

    Enjoy your new toy!

  16. The amount of jealousy I have right now is down right painful. I cannot wait for December for my contract to be up!

    I've given you an award, come on over and pick it up!


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