Thursday, April 29, 2010


On Monday I believe I promised to share with you my Super Secrets on how I manage to fool you all into thinking I am some sort of home-making wonder who manages 4 young children with aplomb while whipping through the house cleaning, keeping everything a-sparkle, while maintaining my sunny disposition and devil-may-care attitude and serving nutritious home-cooked meals each and every day. (That's how you see me, right? No?)

So here goes: the only Super Cape I have is....

The Man My Man Smells Like.

Why do I say this? Because I am fortunate enough to have him working from home 3 days a week. That's my dirty little Harried Mom secret. Although I guess it's really only a secret to those of you who only know the virtual me. He's been doing this since Sarah was 6 months old and we'd just found out Jason was on his way. You have no idea how grateful I was to have Matt around in the beginning, not having to shuffle all four of them into the car for school drop-off when Jason was a newborn; not having to take the babies to the grocery store every week -not that there weren't times when I DID have to do that, I was just exceedingly grateful every time I didn't!

Matt's my biggest cheerleader and is always the first to tell me to go ahead and do something if it will make me happy. He helps out SO much with the little kids during the day and always makes time for me to get my run in, if he can, so that I don't have to do it at 5 am. 'Cause it probably wouldn't happen if I had to do it that early, these old bones need some time to wake up first :)

He's Coach Dad, teaching our kids to play soccer and getting out there in any weather for practices and early Saturday games, even going back to the van for our chairs and an umbrella, only to schlep them all back again once it REALLY started raining and I decided to take the little ones home. I could go on and on and on...

Let's just say, I'm the lucky one here, because he puts up with an awful lot from me - although I do always try to provide a hot, home-cooked meal on the dinner table. If it weren't for him, the only cape I'd have would be wrapped around my neck choking the life out of me as I struggled through my day. Well, ok - I'd make it through the day, but the days would be long without him downstairs for me to run down and chat with, and I probably never would have started this blog - so you can thank him for THAT too :)

Matt turns 41 today and I'd like to wish him a Happy Birthday! Show him some comment love :)


  1. How wonderful for you to have each other, and what makes it even better is that you realize and appreciate it! He looks like one terrific guy. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

    - Michiganhome

  2. Happy Birthday Matt!! From this post, and others, it is obvious how much Jen adores you! You sound like a great hubby and father!

    Hope it is a super day!


  3. That is so great that he's home 3 days a week! That must be a huge help.

    Calvin was working from home the first 3 months of our boy's life and it was wonderful. And it's also how I got him hooked on The Young and The Restless. LOL!


  4. Happy Birthday to your handsome Hunny!! He sounds great - and you two are lucky in love :) I love hearing about good marriages!

  5. Okay, so my first response is YOU (Matt) LOOK EXACTLY LIKE YOUR DAD IN THAT FIRST PIC!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it's freaking me out! Never mind how much you look like Grandaddy...I won't even go there.

    Matt, I've known you for 39 of your 41 years (dang, I just dated myself) and I must admit that somewhere around 15 or 16, I didn't think you'd ever get married. You were too much of a ladies' man. LOL I am pleasantly surprised by your Super Dad/Husband status! My only regret is that we all live so far apart...epic fail!

    Much love,
    Your favorite cousin (tee hee)

  6. Happy Birthday to Matt! It seems like you both hit the jackpot!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! You two make a great team! PLUS, he does not let Edward come between the two of you so that totally rocks.

  8. What a wonderful post and a wonderful husband! You are one lucky gal and he is one lucky guy! Happy Birthday Matt!

  9. Awesome post:) Happy Birthday Matt! Wonderful to hear the love and support between the two of you! Have a great day!

  10. Happy Birthday Matt!

    What a nice tribute to your hubby! You both are very lucky!

  11. Jen, this is such a sweet post. What a loving tribute to your cape! I mean, husband!
    And ya know what? He's as cute as you! :)

  12. What a wonderfully sweet post! Happy Birthday Matt... interested in another wife??? JK, I've got a pretty good one as well :)

  13. ^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!........................................

  14. Matt, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Jen is a very lucky (if harried) lady!!!

  15. He's AWESOME! What a lucky girl you are! This is such a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Matt!

  16. Happy Birthday to Matt!

    I think words of sincerity and love are the best gifts.

    Okay, I exaggerate. Words of love and little gift boxes.


  17. Happy Birthday Matt! What a superhero husband. I hope he had a wonderful day!


  18. Awe!!! Happy Late BDay Matt!

    I love it when a woman really loves her man! Nice photos!

  19. Awwww, I love this. I'd say you're both pretty blessed.


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