Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend, Harried Style

You know what happens when you try to squeeze too much into too little time? You get really tired! :)

I got the skirts done! Of course, this involved being up until 12:30 or 1am two nights in a row, but they were finished in time! We were leaving to visit family for the weekend Saturday morning so I had a definite deadline; I'd done Evie's earlier in the week & finished Sarah's up Friday evening, then I ended up adding a row to Evie's skirt as it was a bit on the immodest side. So if you decide to make the Can Can skirt, make sure to check the length before you hem the bottom. I shortened the 3 middle tiers on Sarah's skirt by 1/2" which worked out just perfect for her height (she wears a 3T); Evie's skirt needed an extra 3" wide tier (she wears a 7/8).

After being up until 11:30 pm on Friday finishing skirts and desserts for Sunday, after a week of many late nights, I wasn't in any hurry to get on the road Saturday morning; by the time we'd packed the van & hit the road it was a bit after 11am, and we had a 3.5 hour trip ahead of us.

Notice how I just said I wasn't in any hurry to get there? Good thing! We'd just gotten on the interstate near the Pennsylvania border when we hear 'BAM -bam bam' - "What was that?" queried Harried Mom - Harried Dad said he didn't know, and by the time I'd asked him if we should pull over, the tire warning light was on and Evie said "My side is getting really low"! Yes, flat tire. On I-70, in the middle of nowhere at the Maryland/PA border. Thank God for sunny days, wide medians, and handy husbands. If I had been alone when this happened, well, I don't even want to think about that. I was a bit of a wreck as it was :)

Now, Matt was perfectly willing to ride the PA turnpike to Pittsburgh (2.5 hours away) on a donut, however I was not comfortable with that idea. So we creeped to Breezewood (town of motels and gas stations, and not much else!), grabbed lunch, & tried to hunt down a tire shop. Long story short, we limped our way through the Pennsylvania countryside and made our way to Sears in Johnstown!

We had an hour to kill, so we wandered around the mall and had some ice cream....

They didn't eat much lunch but sure had room for ice cream!

and then, LOOK WHO WE RAN INTO! I spotted Edward from the upper level in the mall and suddenly the day didn't seem to be going so bad! Matt was kind enough to take our picture together :) And yes, I realize this sounds completely crackers to most of you but no judging!

He wanted to join us for Easter but there wasn't room in the van.

After our celebrity sighting and an hour's wait, the van had new tires and we were on our way again. 7 hours after we left home, we arrived at my sister's house! After some dinner, the kids dyed Easter eggs. Did you know there are 11 kids between my two sisters and myself? 5 eggs each = a lot of boiled eggs to cook. Thanks Becky!

Sarah, John & Jason

William and Gary

Joey (almost 15) , John (2.5) and Sarah (3.5) - oldest cousin and 2 of the youngest

The next morning we managed to get 3 adults and 8 children dressed and out the door to church by 9:15 - an Easter miracle! The family service at Becky's church was very child friendly & the kids had a good time - Evie said it was the BEST church service she'd ever been too! After church it was photo shoot time...

Evie, Emma and Anna


After a light lunch it was time for a show for the little kids, followed by nap time!

Jason and John, the two youngest - 3 months apart

Daddy and his girl

After Easter dinner there was some tree climbing...

Lilly, sitting pretty in a tree

...followed by an egg hunt! Matt and my BIL Steve filled all the plastic eggs I'd saved from last year with coins and hid them for the kids, who hunted in shifts - youngest, middle, then oldest. There was some wonderment from the little kids, and pouting from my older two who didn't feel they'd gotten their fair share. Figures mine are the pouters :) And we're classy - we use plastic bags to collect our eggs!

Gary, Anna, John, Sarah

Matt & Jason

Evie, Greg, Emma, Gary

Evie and Greg, game faces ON!

Sweet Sarah

Jason's ready to go in

After all was said and done, we had some tired little people peacefully sleeping but the excitement wasn't over yet - Jason rolled out of bed at 2:45 am and managed to get a 1/2" cut on his forehead - I can not believe how much blood there was! Nurse Becky got him all cleaned up, and a sip of apple juice later he was back to sleep.

Easter was a beautiful WARM day here & I'm so glad my sister let me impose my family on her for the weekend! I must say, though, it was filled with just about all the excitement I can handle and I'm glad to be back at home - there really is no place like it :)


  1. I am so going to make this skirt! I have two girls and these are cute. I would have taken my picture with Edward too!

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  3. Your skirts turned out so darling! I love the red one!

  4. Sounds eventful and fun!!! The skirts turned out simply adorable! You did an awesome job on them. I love the pics! The weather was gorgeous here in OK Easter we've had in a long time.

    Hope you're having a great week so far!♥

  5. On a Twilight side note...can you believe we're less than 90 days from the premiere of Eclipse?!!!! Woohoo!! :)

  6. Those skirts are so cute!! And the boys look so handsome. The photo with Edward is a riot--I love how the older two are facing the camera and are smiling....but the younger two are facing you and I am dying to know what their faces looked like -- were they all confused?!?

  7. What a whirlwind of FUN! So impressed with all the pics in ONE post.

    Btw: Your husband's cousin would also let you impose your family on her..ANYTIME!!:)

  8. Wow, awesome job on the skirts - you amaze me!

    And you look so great!!! What's your get-slim secret?? Seriously!

    Missed commenting on your blog, glad to be up and running again :)

  9. Love those skirts. And leave it to you to find Edward in a mall.

  10. So sorry about the flat tire, that is a drag, but happy your husband was with you. I also LOVE the can can skirts by the way. I think I might need to make a few for my nieces. Hmmm, if I can get crafty motivation.... :)

  11. Those can can skirts are adorable!!! It looks like you guys had a fun time. What great pictures - you are so cute!


  12. What an exciting weekend! I love the skirts...even if they did take a long time to make. You did an amazing job!

  13. Oh and I think you look like a Republican's wife in your Easter outfit.

  14. Whew what a long long long day! Love the skirts you made... I want them for my girls!!! We did egg hunting in shifts this year too.

  15. What an eventful time you had! Love the skirts! My 9 year old said "woowwww! who made them!?!" She was impressed that the mum made them. Happy be-lated easter!

  16. Those skirts turned out adorable!
    LOVE the pictures. So cute. You and Matt look gorgeous, as well. :)
    Before I forget, did you ever get that book? I bet it took forever to get there.

  17. I am just catching up! I have been trying to get caught up (didn't happen) and have been avaoiding blogger....

    Glad Easter was nice, your skirts turned out DARLING! I LOVE the pillows. We just redid our office and everything is black white and green.... The pillows would match PERFECTLY!!!

    Hope you are enjoying Spring Break!

  18. The skirts are PRECIOUS!!! You did good Momma!

    Looks like it was a fabulous Easter weekend!


  19. I love the tree climbling!!! and the skirts!

  20. Loved all the pictures and you did such a great job on the girls skirts!

  21. Those skirts are so pretty, you did an amazing job!

    I love all your pictures, the kids are so cute!


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