Sunday, April 11, 2010

Harried Happenings: Spring Break

It's 11pm on Sunday and the kids are fast asleep; Spring Break is fast coming to a close. Busy week its been, with weather more beautiful than we could have hoped -the leaves and flowers have exploded with all the warm weather we've had!
Can you say fresh peaches this summer? Yum!

We didn't travel anywhere exotic (unless you consider Pittsburgh exotic - it sure was an exciting trip though!) but Evie and William seemed to enjoy their time off from school. Here's a rundown of our week:

Tuesday: How to Train Your Dragon! We saw the 12pm showing in 3D with our neighbors at the Alamo Drafthouse. LOVED IT! I am so glad that Sarah and Jason are big enough to be entertained at the movies now, even if it doesn't hold their attention through the whole show, and we did lose Jason at the end (it was pretty much nap time, and after our weekend in Pittsburgh I don't blame him!)

Wednesday: I can't think of a thing we did on Wednesday other than go to Costco. I'd been up late Tuesday working on our taxes & everyone needed a lazy day after our weekend trip and the movies on Tuesday (no nap for S&J, other than what J got at the movie - not much!) While at Costco with the 4 Wednesday evening I was inspired to fill my cart with wine and cannoli. Can you blame me? I will NOT be grocery shopping with the four this summer... a 24 pack of cannoli is not helping me with my weight-loss efforts. I will note, however, that Costco (at least ours) currently has a Merlot from Santa Ema for $9.97 (deleted, they won't be selling it anymore) and its REALLY GOOD - GO GET SOME! I'm drinking it now ;)!
Thursday: After doing much of nothing on Wednesday, Thursday morning the kids and I made bread, the same William made at school a few weeks ago. Here's a picture to prove it, I actually let them play with flour and water and honey. This is a big step for me.
And actually? They were pretty neat about it and had a lot of fun kneading the dough. I might be persuaded to do it again if they asked!

Friday: Friday morning I came downstairs to find that Matt had been up a good bit of the night with a stomach bug that's been going around, poor guy! We'd planned on going into the city that day, but instead stayed home so he could take it easy. He blames the cannoli, but since he's the only one who got sick I highly doubt that! I was supposed to play Bunco Friday night, but stayed home instead & we all watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs together.

Saturday: Soccer! Should have brought my camera, but forgot it. William scored two goals early on, and Evie ran her legs off for Coach Dad. I know I made pancakes for dinner, but how is it that I cannot recall anything else we did just yesterday??

Sunday: We went to iHop for lunch (for God only knows what reason, Evie has been asking to go there forever!) and then to the local Discovery Museum. All four had a blast playing with the apple setup they had (pulleys, wheelbarrows, cranks, etc), the medical equipment, climbing wall, and of course - the funny mirror. Sarah especially loved this, see for yourself!

We also spent a little time outside enjoying the warm weather and some fresh brewed iced tea!
The week went fast, and it occurred to me: Sarah starts preschool in 5 months, and Jason will start in just 17 months. Time is flying faster than I can believe, and I'm starting to panic about how quickly it's going. I look at Sarah and cannot believe how big she's gotten - she will be FOUR in 6 months, and Jason - my baby! - will be THREE! How is that POSSIBLE? I want to shrink both of them down and keep them in my pocket just as they are now, because I truly do not remember Evie and William at this age. Is it human nature to keep looking ahead to the next thing and not appreciate where you are right now? Because I catch myself doing that. It's so hard to just live in the moment....


  1. We were going to go to the Discovery museum Saturday, but T Ball got in the way.... MAybe next week!
    Sounds like a GREAT spring break other than the stomach bug :(
    Time does slip by doesn't it?! I can hardly believe my baby is 3 now! How did that happen!?!?!

  2. A busy, fun week! We want to get the kids to the Discovery Museum too, but time keeps slipping away!

  3. The end of your post just made me cry. They are all growing so fast and the time is just slipping away....

    I wish my Costco sold wine. :(

  4. We saw the Dragon movie too! The boys loved it.
    Girl, you are speaking directly to my heard in that last paragraph. :(
    I was just thinking while I was looking at Sarah, how LONG her hair has gotten...they are all getting so big.

  5. Sounds like a great Spring Break! I took all 3 of my girls to the dragon movie the other night. They did awesome, I was sooo impressed! Amira (4) is always good at the movies byt Aziza (2) I wasn't so sure. Thankfully she only lost interest maybe the last 15 minutes or so & even when she did, she didn't get up & run around or anything, she just kinda chatted to herself a little. The baby LOVED the big screen... totally cracked me up!
    We have the same Play Structure as you guys... gotta love Costco!!! Ohhh & I am SOOO looking for that Cannoli Kit next time I go!!!!

  6. I always love hearing what you have been up to, and your blogging style, so you have been awarded a blog award!

  7. Awe, that makes me a little sad. I know what you mean about not being able to remember certain stages and ages. It's like we get so consumed with getting from point A to point B we forget to enjoy the journey. I'm trying to do that...not wish time away and just enjoy where I am right now.

    Your Spring Break looks and sounds like it was fun and relaxing! Glad you guys have had good spring weather. We have too and it's been so nice!

  8. that pic of Jason sleeping at the movies is priceless!

  9. that pic of Jason sleeping at the movies is priceless!

  10. Ok- that sounds like a great Spring Break!!! And just seeing all the smiles on the kids faces in the pictures, it looks like they had a great one too!!


  11. I am exactly where you are with the kids growing up. My 4th will start preschool this next year and she will be three at the end of August. (late bday of the school year)

    hugs to you. you are not alone.

    I also love those Discovery Museums.


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