Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Daily Battle

I face many battles during the day - battling to get small people out the door to school, battling with Sarah about whatever has set her off, battling against whether to eat that cookie or not (I usually lose that one...) But for the last 2 years we've been fighting a battle daily with Jason. Ever since he was strong enough to turn & wiggle, he has fought against getting dressed.

Every day.

Jason LOVES his pjs. It's no trouble to get him into them at bedtime, but try to take them off & you have a vicious fight on your hands. Watch out or you will get slammed in the head with his hard skull.

Once you're victorious in your battle, he will proceed to sob and cry and pout for the next 10 minutes or so. It's fun!

And yes, I took pictures this time :)

I guess I can understand wanting to stay in pjs all day.

Click HERE if you'd like to know about my most memorable April Fool's Day. An update on the skirts, one down (almost, I need to add another row, it's a bit short on Evie!) and one to go. The first one took about 6 hours, or twice as long as the pattern said. Hmmm.....


  1. We had a very similar battle with the middle girl. Oh the screaming! But, I am pleased to report that she did, in fact, outgrow it. I am also fairly pleased with myself for allowing her to live long enough. Puberty, however, she very well may not survive!!!

  2. Oh dear- I may have one of those on my hands- Ian hates to get dressed already!! It is the only time he really fusses and cries at something- I guess I should be thankful for that huh??

    Happy Easter!


  3. My kids love their PJs too and once a week I let them leave them on...usually on Mondays.

    That skirt is adorable!

  4. I'm with ya Jason...I want to stay in my jammies most days too!

  5. We go through the same thing at our house--every morning. The only thing that (sometimes) works for me is if I dress Bug during The Wiggles. He's so glued to the TV that he barely notices he's gone from jammies to clothes. Otherwise, it's a screaming & kicking match.

  6. Ugh. We used to have that battle. But as they get older it just turns into a battle over something else.

  7. Who doesn't want to stay in their PJs 24/7??? I certainly don't blame the I know it must be horrible to deal with on a daily basis I hope for your sake he gets over it soon.

  8. Everyone has thier quirks right... Jason just happens to love pj's. My oldest is in love with socks - she flips out if I don't set them out with her jammies after her bath. She goes thru ohhh 3 or 4 pairs a day. So annoying! I am REALLY looking forward to flip flops all Summer long!!!

  9. Oh I feel your pain! Kam has hated getting dressed and undressed since she was born. Only, she doesn't discriminate ~ she equally hates getting jammies on. Are you saying I may have a couple more years of this??

  10. Hate to tell you but my almost 10 year old stays in his pj's until the very last moment and puts them back on as soon as he gets home from school. Some mornings he still cries when he has to get dresses.

  11. Hmmm.. You've given me a brilliant idea! Next time my kids do a tantrum, take pics and let them think I'm going to blog about it...
    Great pics! I feel like I was there!

  12. why do you think we are always all naked???


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