Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashionable Fall and Some Other Stuff

It's almost fall! Not that you can really feel it in the air here yet, although the nights are downright cool and leaves are falling from the trees - early here, as we are going through a horrific drought. I've stopped checking the weather - something I used to do SEVERAL times a day (I'm weird like that) - because it's always the same. Sunny! High of 82. Clear, low of 58. Ho hum. However - my thoughts are turning to Halloween (do you know what you're dressing up as yet? You ARE dressing up, right???), pumpkin pie, birthday parties for all my little peeps! and perhaps best of all cozy CLOTHES. Not that I need any - but I do love looking :)

Catalogs are arriving in the mail seems like every day, and one of my favorites happens to be Athleta. I know it's pricey, and not that I own anything from them, but I do love the casual/busy/athletic mix of what they sell - these are the clothes for the me I would be if I didn't have young kids! On the go, ready to roll, active and busy! They sent me an email today highlighting their sweater dresses, and well - hello, you just said my two favorite words, Sweater - cozy! comfy! and Dress - no real outfit matching required! Two that caught my eye are the Sochi Sweater Dress (click the pic!)

And the Sierra Sweater Dress - click the pic to check out the whole outfit!
Athleta also had all these fabulous boots to drool over (I think I have an issue with shoes....):

Granby Tall boot by Timberland

Clinton Boot by Off the Beaten Track

Skylair boot by Ugg

This afternoon I was trolling around Anthropologie's website and discovered this fabulous sweater:
Acres of Land Cardi

Isn't that pretty?? I love the striped top underneath it - and it's half price now!

And then there was this one, in darker colors and with a bit of a ruffle for fall - not on sale, of course:
Navona Cardi

So that's what I did today, in the 30 free minutes I had. I swear the days are a big blur of business, surrounded by good sized portions of nothing and inanity. Just a little something to distract me from my kids, and the fact that this is what William chooses to do during church on Sunday morning before the kids are dismissed to the classrooms part-way through:

Yes, my darling boy drew nipples on one of the extra offering envelopes. And labeled them, just in case you didn't know what they were. And drew a face with a tongue sticking out. And let's just say, when you ask a class of first graders to write a sentence with 'nose' in it, don't be surprised when you get back "I pick my nose". Boys. Let go and let God, right Celeste? Thanks for that one :)
My half-marathon is Sunday morning! I cannot - CAN NOT- wait for it to be over! Woo hoo! I'm going to finish it, slap a 13.1 sticker on the back of my van, and never run that far ever again :) My feet are calloused, my legs ache, and I'm just DONE. I do like running, but I think on any given day 5 miles is enough for me, and I think my race max might be a 10 miler. Because signing up for races is a good reason to keep running :) So - think of me Sunday morning while you sip your coffee because my neighbor Michelle and I will be on a bus from our hotel to Mt. Vernon, where the race starts, at 5:30 am. Hopefully I'll be done by 9:30, and having a free post-race massage shortly thereafter :) I think I'm going to skip the beer tent though - I haven't had a beer that early in the morning since Senior Day in college.


  1. You're going to rock your half-marathon! And I agree, I did mine and haven't run more than 9 miles since, and usually it's a 5.5 mile run on the days I run. I still dream of doing a full marathon one day, but then I remember how tiring doing merely half was!

  2. Oh, and I love the nipples! My 7 year old still calls them nickels :)

  3. Good luck - you've trained and new just have fun!

  4. I was just on Athleta's website yesterday because I need cool weather gear if I'm going to keep this running around the lake thing going.

    AND I also check the weather several times a day. Are you sure we were separated at birth?

  5. Are you going to get any of those sweaters?? I LOVE THEM!! They're quirky and fun and also elegant. Which sounds like a weird combo but it looks great.
    And the sweater dress looks comfy AND classy. You need to get something for rewarding yourself for the marathon you will DO GREAT AT I'M SURE!!
    And the nipple envelope??? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  6. Hey, I just thought, gives a whole new meaning to stuffing money into something with nipples. HAHA. I crack myself up!
    Hey, I my posts for yesterday and today are about our weekend in FORKS!!

  7. Good luck on Sunday! I can't wait to hear all about it next week!

  8. I can't wait for Fall!! I love fall and winter fashions. I'm a layers kind of girl, so this season just fits me well. I am in LOVE with those Clinton Boots by Off the Beaten Track!!! I need some. I also love the cardigans you posted. SO cute!

    That offering envelope cracks me up!! Boys is right!

    Good luck on your half marathon!!!

  9. I love the sweater dress and the boots but I never get enough use out of them here in FLorida. I buy them, wear them 2 or 3 times and then they're out of style! I'll have to live through my northern friends on the heavy sweater/boot thing.

    Love the niples or nilps. How funny would it have been if he had put his name on it and put it in the offering basket without you knowing? That would have be hysterical!

  10. Can't wait to hear how the half goes! Also, you and I have the same taste in boots.

  11. I love Anthropologie...and always go straight to the sale pages. Good luck with the race, can't wait to hear about it. The nipple envelope is hysterical.

  12. Love, love the boots and the anatomically correct envelope.

  13. All of those outfits and sweaters and boots are fantastic, but not practical for TX weather...:(((((

    I will be thinking about you tomorrow AM!! And praying that it all goes well for you momma! You have worked so hard for it!!


  14. Those sweaters are gorgeous. I would have to lose some back fat before I could wear them though LOL.

    I was laughing so hard at the nipple envelopes... even more so because you were in church when it was being done!

    I'll be thinking of you racing. I hope you do fantastic & TOTALLY take advantage of a post-race massage, you SO deserve it!!!

  15. I hope everything went well today. Good for you for doing it. Wow!!!

    Great links! I love Athleta -- I have a dress and some work out clothes from there and love them!

    Have a great week Jen!



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