Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monday was one of those magic days. It rained all day. We haven't had any real rain here since at least June, so it was fabulous to have a dreary, drizzly, rainy day to just stay inside and be cozy.
Sarah and Jason both wore their pjs all day, as we had nowhere to be & nothing to do other than putter around the house.
After the kids got home from school, we all had cups of tea, and plowed through a huge pile of baby carrots with dip. Sarah and Jason colored while Evie and William actually sat and did homework without complaining or dragging their feet.
I didn't mind being a mom so much on Monday - and I wonder if that was due to a shift in my attitude, or the fact that they were all being so pleasant? Can a person just decide to be happy and go from there?
The forecast for Thursday is more rain, we may get 2 to 4 inches by the time this front passes through. I'm betting that today won't be as pleasant as Monday though - as I type this at midnight on Wednesday, Evie is still awake, with a fever of 101 - she won't be in school, and I can only hope that the rest of them don't come down with whatever she has.
I guess that's the lot of a mother - you never know what the next day will bring so make the most of the one you have in front of you.


  1. Hope Evie is feeling better. I've got it now and I am praying the boys don't, can't handle 3 or worse, 4 "Man Colds" in the house.

  2. Look at Sarah in high speed, I love that picture!

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day just staying in, those days are by far the best ones to have.

    I hope Evie's feeling better and decides not to share. I have one home sick today as well and homecoming is Saturday, I hope it's just a 24 hour thing!

  3. I believe we all have a "set point" when it comes to being happy. Kind of like a "set weight". I also believe that our state of happiness is 1/2 genetics.

    So can you change your attitude in a single day? Probably not.
    But over the course of time, yeah, I think so.

    I can only speak from personal experience and belief. But I know I am happiest when I take the focus off of myself. I am happiest when I am grateful and appreciative for the day to day moments, and the people in my life. I am happiest when I am helping and doing something for others. I am happiest when I am doing something I enjoy...they call it "flow"... a transcendent state when a person becomes so engaged and focused in their passion. It could be baking, or sewing, or painting, whatever. I am happiest when I feel engaged, when I am social, and intimate, and sharing my life with others.

    Being a mom is difficult because we think we are supposed to find happiness in our children. And then when we don't, we feel guilty. And then we get angry. And each minute we are angry in our lives, is a minute of happiness we lose.

    I believe and truly rely on God.He is my happiness. I am working on learning to serve with Joy, because I do believe that as a wife, mother, sister, friend, and daughter, I am here to serve. And that is tough, because serving is NOT always joyful.

    I think as moms, we need to learn to enjoy what we do, rather than do what we enjoy.
    We need to be gracious and thankful.
    We need to pray.
    And we need to focus less on being happy ourselves, and more on how we can bring joy to another.

    Nobody is happy all of the time.
    There will always be good and bad days.
    But at the core, you need to be grateful, and willing to hear Gods whisper.

    If none of this works, just drink more coffee and wine. That will work for the short term :-)

  4. Absolutely. Love that last sentence. I find that I am most happy when I expect the least, and really focus on what matters the most. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter that Kam threw her oatmeal off her high chair for the 500 millionth time? Or if the girls track mud clods through the living room before remembering to pull of their boots. Or if Kameryn decides not to sleep for the 4th night in a row. Slightly frustrating, yes. But if I keep my cool, they keep theirs. Mostly :)

  5. Finding ourselves jobless AGAIN, I can totally relate to the "never knowing what the next day will bring" thing. I think LIFE is all about putting one foot in front of the other, over and over and over again.

    And yes, I do think we can choose to be happy *snap* just like that. I think it is the only way we CAN be choose it. So, GO YOU!!!

    I also agree with your friend who said, "if that doesn't work, drink more coffee and wine". :)

  6. Awe, I hope Evie gets better quick & doesn't share! I love those days that just fall into place. I wish they happened more often, but alas kids are fickle little stinkers LOL. I LOVED your last sentence... I guess that's the lot of a mother - you never know what the next day will bring so make the most of the one you have in front of you. What a great way to look at each day. I need to do this more often for sure!!!

  7. I always love seeing pictures of your kids, they're so dang adorable!

  8. Oh I couldn't agree with you more- some days are marvelous- and all is well with the world and then the next day- BAM- Chaos. I never get it???


  9. I LOVE pajama days!! :)
    Sounds like you had an awesome day, girl.

  10. I love rainy days! Hoping for a couple of those here soon.


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