Thursday, September 9, 2010

Operation Lose 10 lbs

My name is Jen and I'm a Carboholic. Chocolate, pasta, bread, cereal and pretzels all lure me in with their salty or sweet goodness and I'm a goner. Gummy Bears, I love you so.

My birthday is coming up. The big 4-0. My half-hearted attempts to lose the baby weight from Sarah and Jason (does it count as baby weight if the baby is turning 3 in November?) have been unsuccessful, and every morning I look at that number on the scale with disgust, as it really hasn't budged at all, regardless of the number of miles I've racked up hitting the road with my feet. Yes, I've been running, and no, I don't act like life is an all-you-can-eat buffet. But when there is chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting in the house? Or Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies? Well - a girl can only resist for so long, especially when the small people don't nap and won't stop bickering at 4 in the afternoon :) It's either eat a cookie or start drinking. Carboholic sounds better than Alcoholic, and it's easier to be functional jazzed up on sugar!

We arrived home after our fabulous weekend in Pipsquirt, and while the kids decompressed from the car ride and Matt did some work, I Googled 'weight loss quickly'. Because when in doubt, Google, right?! I ran across this article, and have decided to give it a go. Actually, I've just looked around his website, and I think I might try to spend a little more time there and see what else he has to say, but right now I'm focusing on the food thing. Anyway - in a nutshell, you eat no carbs of any consequence, wine is ok, fruit is bad, and hopefully you will lose fat along the way. We'll see - seems like a version of Atkins or any other low-carb 'diet' where you limit high glycemic foods in order to get the body to burn fat. I've eliminated the breads/cereals/white carbs, but haven't been too strict about the fruit yet - I'm going to see if I make any progress by the weekend before resorting to that. I really believe that if I can just get the fat off, I'll be able to keep it off, as its much easier to maintain than it is to lose. And I'm sure Matt would like me to stop going on and on about it :)


  1. I'm getting ready to head out for my I'll look at that website when I get back.

    I don't eat any fruit. I get my fruit from wine which I recently decided to quit drinking because of my recent weight gain.

    I want to try this with you!

  2. So...there's no dairy on this plan? I wonder why?

  3. i do agree that carbaholic is better than alcoholic... but, perhaps there is a better way...? or, maybe not ;)

    Best wishes with your new life plan (i prefer to call it that, over a 'diet'). I'm sure you will do great!


  4. I, too am a carboholic and giving up everything white would be tough, especially bread but after my Raw Food Detox in June I'm thinking I might have to get back on the salad bandwagon and if wine is allowed then I'm all for it. Made a great black bean, corn, cilantro, tomato and lime juice salad last night, so easy and yummy. Keep us posted.

  5. You do not have 10 pounds to lose!!! Life is too short not to eat carbs :)

  6. Try my diet.
    Little food.
    Lots of wine.
    Lots of sex.

    Now, I have heard that some women orgasm from eating chocolate...

    OK, I never heard that..and I just cracked myself up...
    but there is that chocolate/sexual arousal connection..right??? If I had the time I would google it and seem way more legit...

    so my suggestion is to just give up the chocolate and replace it with sex. burns calories. You can even have sex with ankle weights on! And if you don't lose any weight, your husband wont care how fat you are, because he will be so darn happy.

    A win/win for everyone!

  7. Concentrate on being healthy, the scale is just a number.

    You are going to rock 40 my dear!

  8. I think you look DAMN GOOD for 40 I must say! I'd like the operation 20 or 30 or heck while I'm dreaming make it 40 club! :)

  9. Get some prunes. Eat some prunes and drink some prune juice. And poo it all out. :) Seriously, you can drop a lot of wait with crap.

  10. Oh my goodness- MiMi is cracking me up!!

    Tried all the fad diets - all that worked for me was counting my cals and keeping it under a certain number each day!!!


  11. Why don't you try Connie's accidental diet of taking stool softener. She lost a few pounds!

    This gave me something to think about the other day. A 75 year old woman came in to our office to do the HCG diet. She's 75 years old! I really hope I don't care about my weight when I'm 75.


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