Monday, September 6, 2010

Pipsquirt and the Great Arm-Off

We've been traveling again, this time to Pittsburgh to visit my sisters and mom - or, as William mispronounced, 'Pipsquirt'. Pipsquirt was a lot of fun, as it always is - we always stay up way too late & eat too much good food, and the kids - all eleven of them! - are exhausted by the time its all over. The little kids love visiting, for several reasons including 1) all the new toys to play with 2) staying up later than they normally do! and 3) Jason gets Mommy all to himself at bedtime - which makes for a troublesome time when we get back home, because he still wants Mommy all to himself. Sorry kid, we're home now, you sleep in your bed and I sleep in mine :)

William whipped Jason around the room on the Radio Flyer Rocket more times than I could count.
It was exhausting to watch.

Baby Joey, my oldest nephew, is now 15 and goes by 'Joe'.
He was 2-1/2 at my wedding, and the only child. I feel old.

Lilly and Evie sitting in a tree.
Carving something or other (Steve, were you aware of this??)
John doing puzzles! John was almost the youngest of all the kids.
Then I found out I was pregnant with Jason. Sorry John :)

I think he has chocolate brownies left on his face :)
So when Becky, my younger sister, and her family came to visit in July for the 4th, out of the blue she challenged me to arm wrestle. In the kitchen, in the middle of the afternoon. While I thought it was odd, who am I to not rise to the occasion? There were no witnesses that time, but it ended up being a draw. We vowed to meet in combat again the next time we got together, so Sunday night began the Great Arm-Off - this time with much wine (clearly), witnesses, and photographic evidence.
We went three rounds in the course of the evening, the first two being draws. I swear the 3rd time Becky just threw it to let me win - we will be having a rematch come Christmastime, with results to follow. Stay tuned.... Stephanie, our older sister who DID wrestle Becky over the summer (another draw!), declined to participate this time. I think she's afraid of going DOWN.
When we arrived at Becky's house, we pulled up to the garage & they put the door up for us to come in and lo and behold, there in the garage was one of these beauties:
Have I ever told you how much I love roadsters? This probably stems from the fact that my dad had one of these when I was little (truth be told, he still has it - it just hasn't been driven anywhere since I think 1976). I remember Stephanie and I riding around in it, top down, as kids - I think we shared the front seat :) Those were the days. Anyway!I love roadsters, always have, and I've always loved the Miata. They let me drive it on Saturday and I have to say - if I give up on riding the Harley - not that I've made THAT decision yet - I surely wouldn't mind having one of these to ride around in on a sunny day. At least I'm comfortable behind the wheel of a car :)


  1. You got fantastic photos!! Those cousins are going to remember weekends like these for their whole lives.

    And also the time mom and auntie broke out the wine, got buzzed and arm wrestled in the dining room.

  2. What a fun post! I love when my sisters & I and ALL the cousins get together. The sounds of so many kids running around enjoying time together makes my heart happy... of course it can get super annoying & loud too, but for the most part I love every minute of it! We all live really close by now so we all spend WAY too much time together... at least I'm sure our husbands thing so sometimes :)

  3. Love it when kids get to be friends with their cousins. And nice gun show :)

  4. wonder you won. LOOK at your guns!

    I will have to start lifting weights so we can have an Arm Off at our NotBlogHer Event!

  5. I want a sister to arm-wrestle!!!! Will you be my substitute???


  6. So basically what you're showing me here is that your ENTIRE family is gorgeous? :)

  7. I'm going to challenge Connie to an Arm Off now!

    And just so you know, I'll win because I've got awesome muscles like you!

  8. I'll pass on any arm wrestling with you. I'm more of a naked mud wrestling type of girl...or should I say gal?

    But I'll happily share a bottle of wine with you. Or two. Or three.

    And don't you dare sell your Harley. Biker chick fashion is so HOT...keep it for the clothes and boots.

  9. I love all of the pictures. Family get-togethers are the best!

    I LOVE the arm-wrestling shots. That's fantastic. You're so tanned...and skinny. I don't see those 10 pounds you speak of.

    Lastly, that is one SWEET ride!!! I want to drive that fast.

  10. I want to drive it like a Cullen. :)


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