Monday, September 27, 2010

Boys are a different breed

As my boys get bigger, I'm realizing more and more that they are just different from girls. Even Evie, who is arguably a tomboy, would never do some of the things I catch the boys doing. For example, I've discovered this week that Jason has been using the wall next to his bed as a tissue. Lovely, no? Saturday morning, after sending William in to practice the piano, I came around the corner and discovered him STANDING on top of it. Apparently, this is how he's been turning on the light for the last year and a half. Go figure! Last year we had some friends over for dinner & I kept hearing this THUMPING noise coming from the playroom downstairs. William had taken the curtains I had hanging in front of the area under the stairs down there, tied them together, and was swinging on them. The thumping was his feet hitting the drywall on the underside of the stairs.

Not that this is all bad, mind you. William had his birthday party over the weekend - we had 6 boys for pizza and a movie, and then 3 stayed overnight - and I have to say, I think it went a lot smoother than it might have with girls. It seems like girls bicker more & have petty arguments whereas the boys just hang out and have fun! Kind of sounds like adults, now that I think about it :)

In honor of the overnight camp out, I served S'mores cupcakes to our party guests! Oh my gosh, these things were absolutely fabulous. I am POSITIVE that the boys did not fully appreciate them - but they were really, really amazing. At least in my opinion :) In fact, I am positive that I ate more than my fair share - Jason didn't really care for his, so I finished it for him. And there is a possibility that I finished Sarah's as well - in addition to the one I split with Matt when they came out of the oven, and the one I 'tested' once they had the toasted meringue on top :) YUM! Thankfully, they are all gone now, and I am back on the slow-carb wagon - damn you, Operation Lose 1olbs!

Anywho - if you have an occasion to serve S'mores cupcakes - fall festival, bonfire, what have you, I HIGHLY recommend these - they were not at all difficult, and turned out fantastic. Go to Homemade by Holman for the recipe! You won't regret it. I will add one note - the recipe states it makes 24 cupcakes, but you could probably do 48 with the cake batter and meringue parts of the recipe, as I had a lot left over - I ended up baking the leftover batter in an 8" pan and then dumping the extra meringue on it - Matt loves chocolate cake now and then :) - so keep that in mind, you may want to double the graham cracker/marshmallow/chocolate parts.

Happy baking! And Happy Fall! This is my favorite time of year :)


  1. YUM!!! That sounds so good!

    Boys....are so different than girls, I have to agree!

  2. Yum! Those sound good! I may have to make some just for the hell of it.

  3. Um...didn't you just run a half marathon...? In so doing, don't you qualify for a small carb/sugar marathon? I always heard that that's true.

    (And yeah, boys are WAY different than girls.)

  4. Mmmmm, those look so good!

    And I have to admit that boys are much easier than girls. Or maybe it's just that my one girl is hard ;)

  5. Boys. Don't I know it. As for using the wall as a tissue, let's just say I am not looking forward to the teen years. YUCK!

  6. Srsly, I used to be scared that I had boys, but now I know that God wanted me to have them cuz He knew I couldn't deal with girls! LOL
    Off to look at that recipe, YUM!!!

  7. you don't even want to know what Luke wipes on our walls....

  8. Oh my gosh I totally notice the whole difference thing when my nephews are around. Boys are definitely more rowdy. You are right, they just play & have fun. I thought for sure I'd have all boys. Huh, look where that has gotten me. LOL. I sooo love my girls but man could I do without the D-R-A-M-A that seems to be around every corner! :)
    Happy Birthday to William!

  9. I have a great nephew just a few months older than Peanut, the difference is staggering!

    I am going to avoid that recipe link at all costs. For some reason my pants are not fitting quite as comfortably as they were a few months, or even weeks ago. hmm, I wonder why **cough**Reese's peanut butter cups**cough** Maybe my dryer is on too hot of a setting.

  10. I’m still rather chapped from 9 months ago when one of my SIL’s (who has 2 girls) was in town and she relayed how her girls actually prepare some of the food, and help her in the kitchen daily. Then she had the nerve to ask me when I exercise (I don’t). I still have to supervise my 7th grader to take a shower because he will dawdle and dream in the hallway for 30 minutes.
    Once at a kids’ sports event another mom and I noticed a family that had girls watching her bro play and she had quiet toys to keep herself busy like drawing and books and a little loom to make potholders! We were amazed.
    However, overall they are pretty easy-going and clothes/shoe-buying is a piece of cake.
    P.S. Your boys are as cute and sweet looking as those smores!


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