Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life, or something like it

Another week is flying by. I swear - I don't know where the time is going. I keep thinking I'll get caught up, do some projects, sit down and visit the blogs I haven't been to in what seems like forever - I MISS reading them! But it seems as if all I can manage to do is get the kids fed, laundry and dishes done, and try to stay on top of the must-do's. Meanwhile everything else either goes unfinished or sits in a pile.
Sarah says this is a picture of me. I'm not so sure.

And piles - is your house like mine? There are piles of crap EVERYWHERE - not to mention the bits of stuff for me to repair on the kitchen counter, toys scattered here and there, and the batteries I'm finding all over the house as William takes it upon himself to change them if things don't work for some reason - I have no idea whether any of them are good or not at this point.

I was partly dreading the start of school because I knew the daily influx of paperwork was about to begin. Sure enough, I have papers for no less than THREE fundraisers sitting on my kitchen counter right now - and I already sent in William's last week. They shouldn't call it back to school, it should be 'open your wallet and give us every leftover penny'. I mean, really - half the people in our neighborhood have kids going to the same schools selling the same stuff, and our extended family is happily insulated from our begging by distance. I'm at the point where I'd like to just write a check to the various places rather than feel like I need to buy the crap I don't really want. Okay enough complaining about that :)

So we're infested with stink bugs here! It's a lovely thing. They aren't really harmful, just annoyingly bothersome in that they buzz around stupidly, make a lot of noise, swarm all over the outside of your house, and have no problem at all LANDING ON YOU. We're having a heat spell here and they apparently don't like it and are trying to keep cool on all my cool windows. At least that's our best guess. Here's hoping they go away before William's sleepover camp out Saturday night!!!Between the sudden resurgence of 90 degree weather, the fact that 75% of our lawn and a fair amount of the plants are dead, and my days seem to be sucked into a vortex of I don't know what - but I think may have something to do with these people-
- and I'm just not feeling the desire to do much of anything lately. Kind of a funk, I guess. It feels like we really are just trying to stay afloat here - doing what needs to be done, and hopefully paying attention to what's going on around us as the days race by. Fall is always a crazy time - it's back to school for everyone, but for us, 5 of the 6 of us have birthdays between late August and early November, and I become acutely aware of time passing. My baby is almost 3...
Jason wanted me to take a picture of his 'licker'

Sarah turns 4 in a week and a half...And these two - how is it possible that William is 7 and Evie almost 9? It's surreal.
I know before I can blink we will be ringing in the new year and looking forward to summer vacation but for right now I'm still trying to find my groove - staying up way too late, and letting things slide for another day that I'd rather not put off. Maybe I should get some B12 at the store on Friday :)


  1. School and paperwork is crazy!! Can I just say that I HATE fundraisers?! I am an upstanding member of the PTO, but I despise all of those stinkin' fundraisers. Isaiah's football team had an opt-out for fundraisers this year...$50...sold!

    Your kiddos are growing up so fast! They are all so stinkin' adorable!

    B12 might not be a bad idea! :) Hopefully you'll find your groove soon. Have a great day!♥

  2. I feel bad for you because our days are pretty laid back.

    We don't have school or activities.

    I'm sure this will all change when the irish twins are in school. I guess I better enjoy this time while I can!

  3. I've heard good things about B12. Let me know if it works... :)

    I hate the fundraisers too! Same issues you pointed out. Our elementary school has offered parents a "buy out" for $180. (That's on top of the letter from the district, suggesting that each child "donate" $250 for the year to help with expenses... they want our family to pay $1000 for our kids' public school education. WTF?)

  4. Girl, when you talk about staying afloat I know exactly what you are saying. That's exactly how I feel most days.

  5. I've been stuck in the same funk so I feel your pain.

    Our school does a once a year family donation instead of fundraising for the exact reasons you stated. YOu should bring that up to your PTA! If each family has the option to give on different levels. Bronze $25 Silver $50 or Gold $75 or higher than the school would make enough money to run on and save the parents the hassle of fundraising! It works for us...just a thought.

  6. I'm no art critic, but that drawing looks like a penis! And I know for a fact you don't look like a penis!

    Those pictures are so cute, your kids are adorable!

  7. That picture is hilarious. Amira drew me an airplane one day that looks really similar to that picture of "you". They are so innocent - thank goodness!
    I feel your blahs... I could use a paddle or two to get up my $%#@ creek, so many things to do but absolutely no motivation to do them. Oh & the piles of crap... they multiply don't they... geesh!

  8. i am SO with you on the back to school fundraisers. We have three kiddos with one on the way in Nov. and adding one more fundraiser to our stack is not one of the happy things i'm looking forward to!

  9. So sorry you are in a funk - I was there a few weeks ago but pushed through it.

    Our school does a donation drive instead of a fundraiser and asks each family to just simply donate. We have earned twice as much as we have in the past. And parents appreciate it so much more!!


  10. Hey, thanks for stopping by the other day! When life is overwhelming, it's sometimes easier to only tackle the "have-to's" in life!

  11. Your kiddos are the cutest, Jen! Jason looks *exactly* like you!! I feel like we are drowning under piles right now. Piles of receipts and paperwork for the new house, piles of homeschool papers. Ugh. I'm looking forward to CLEANING OUT and throwing away before we move. I just wish someone else would do it for me ;)


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