Friday, April 24, 2009

Crafty! - Pottery paintin' over spring break

Tuesday morning we picked up the pottery we painted over spring break, and I think they really turned out great! William was SOOOO (I can't emphasize that enough) excited to get his race car bank back; he kept asking how many days, is it today, how many more days, and on and on. He was really thrilled with how it turned out!

Evie's done this a few times before, so she knew what to do and her giraffe turned out great! The dog is from a birthday party she went to 2 weeks before.

I had never done this before, so I was a little unsure of how it would turn out, but I'm pretty happy with my sleeping bunny! Sleeping, because I didn't want to attempt to paint the eyes. Although Evie kindly offered to paint them for me :-)

All in all, it was a fun time spent with the bigger kids on a rainy afternoon - I definitely think we'll be doing it again. Time to run (literally) and try to pull everything together for the yard sale tomorrow morning (oy! every year I swear I will be more prepared when it rolls around!)


  1. CUTE! I hinted to Jason that he should take the kids to one of those places and make me a pretty platter for Mother's Day a la Jon and Kate style.... :)

  2. Those are adorable! What a great idea! And good luck with your yard sale. I really need to do one of those too!


  3. Love that idea for a rainy afternoon and good to know even boys liked doing it!
    Good luck with the yard sale.

  4. Very cute~! I love the rabbit!

  5. Very nice pottery.
    I hope the yard sale goes well.

  6. How cute are those?! Loved the idea of sleeping bunny!!

    Hope your yard sale is a huge success!

  7. Great job on the pottery! I want to do that someday when the kids are a little older.

    Good Luck with your yard sale!


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