Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring - that's me! Or my blog, anyway

My friends, this has been a hard week so far - I'm tired, cranky (because I'm tired), and just about done dealing with the kids by myself this week. Climby McBaby is trying to kill himself by scaling everything he can (and getting himself stuck & needing a rescue in the process). Sweet Sarah has turned into this needy, whiney thing - if I leave her line of sight I get 'Mama - I NEED YOU! COME BACK!' As if I've abandoned her on the side of the road - no, just the other side of the gate. William has taken to writing on walls, chairs, and other things. Evie? She can actually be very helpful, but she's in school all day; and even she's giving me the business - I told her I'd give her $2 if she helped clean up all the toys last night (which is what her weekly allowance is) and she looked at me and said 'How about $8?' When I told her never mind, she started bargaining down until she got to $2, which I guess she figured was better than nothing. The half bottle of chardonnay I had last night helped :-) but what I really need is a good night's sleep. My Dad gets into town tomorrow (so I'm trying to clean the house; trying being the key word) so at least I'll have some adult help - or a witness to my suicide!

So the point of all this is, I am very grateful to you, the people who take the time to read my blog and find it a worthwhile place to spend a minute or two; because I, in turn, really enjoy reading your stories, funny, happy, sad, whatever. It confirms for me that I'm not alone in all this and that we can all support each other.

On Tuesday I was very happy to see that I had received the Splash Award from Becca at Texas Darlings.

This award is given because she thinks my blog is alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring - and I am thrilled that she would pay me such a compliment! Especially when I really feel like I am anything BUT any of those things :-) Go visit her, she's pretty terrific herself.

I am asked to pass this award along to 5 blogs which I also find, alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring! While I find all of the blogs I read worth the time to do so, the lucky 5 I am splashing today are:

Connie at The Young and The Relentless
Sue at 3 Peas in a Pod
Liz at Sugarplum Creations
Staci at Playing House
Lisa at onegirliegirl

And now I am off to book a much-needed night away for Hubby and Me at Bedford Springs Resort in Pennsylvania to celebrate his 40th - would you believe this will be the first time in 7.5 years that we will be away from the kids overnight together? My dear Mom is very brave to take on my kids for the night - THANK YOU MOM!


  1. Oh goodness, I feel for you! I have been there- these days will pass and before you know it, they are all in high school and want NOTHING to do with you!!

    I admired you hectic life, but more importantly how well you handle everything! I am praying the next 2 days fly by for you!!


  2. You *do* need a break! I'm so excited that you and your hubby are getting away. Been there! Last year was our first getaway too.

  3. And thanks so much for passing this award on to me! Wow :)

  4. Thank you so much for the award Jen!

    It has been a hard week...there is something in the air because I have heard mom's all over the country (via Twitter) talking about dealing with the kids!

    I'm so excited for your night away! You and Matt deserve it!

  5. Enjoy your time away. Just be warned, you will swear the kids have changed when you get back and they will have - all for the better of being a little more independent. have fun!

  6. WOW! Thanks Jen. That was really sweet of you! I'm writing a post now for the Attitude of Gratitude award so I'm going to add yours right in there too. I'm so honored. Thank so much.

    Much love from NJ,

  7. Congrats on the award!!

    You poor thing. I cannot imagine being home alone for a week with 4 children!! The 'problem behavior' you talked about is no fun. I do love all the good things that go along with those stages. Such cute ages. <----did that make ANY sense?? Hope so.

  8. It doesn't surprise me you got this award...I love reading your blog!

    Yay you and hubby get to go away without your kiddos..that is very exciting.

  9. Congrats on your award! I love you blog. ☺

  10. Hey pledge sister, I love your blog!! I always get a chuckle when I read them. Congrats on the 10k. BTW, you're going to love Bedford Springs. We were there last Easter it's a beautiful resort.



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