Sunday, April 5, 2009

Never underestimate your 5 year old...

Have you ever known you were throwing money out the window? I feel like we do that on a regular basis. Mostly related to the small people in the house.

Matt and I were tired of the endless battle to get the kids to pick up their toys & put them away at the end of the day, and our 'suggestions' that they get one toy out, play with it, then put it away fell on deaf ears. I was also aggravated because I could never bring Jason down to the basement playroom because of all the little stuff all over the floor. We've tried cajoling, making a game out of it, finally threatened to sell/donate/throw out their things, nothing much has really worked. I got the brilliant idea that the closet needs a lock, so they have to come get us when they want something. To the internet go I, in search of locks for bi-fold doors. And they make them! They're these plastic things that slide on the top of the door and cover the gap with the hinge so the doors can't be opened.

So I order a set of "Mommy's helper" bi-fold door locks, all the while thinking in my head that this still won't keep William out and is probably a big waste of $13. Well they come in the mail, we put them on, and they really do work! I call William over, have him stand on a chair next to the door, and I see that he can't reach them! This might work after all... He's a little disconcerted by the whole thing, but agreeable.

So Saturday morning comes; I'm upstairs getting myself together for the day and William and Sarah want me to open the closet for them. I tell them I'll be down in a few minutes and off they go. By the time I get downstairs with Jason, this is what I find:

Those are the boxes from my various "Firm" workout videos all stacked up, and the door lock is on top. William has managed to give himself an extra 28 inches in height. William and Sarah (in her very favorite 'kitty cat' outfit!) are happily playing Chutes and Ladders after first scattering Bingo, Monopoly, and Candy Land all over the floor. (Sigh) Anybody need a set of bi-fold door locks?


  1. clever little things, aren't they?

  2. may nobody ever call them non-industrious (is that a word?).

  3. You do have to give him credit for his problem-solving prowess!

  4. Ahhh The Firm Fanny Lifter, I have that as well. nice to see it was many uses.

  5. Just be proud they are so bright! I remember when my nephew did the same thing in order to grab the cookies from the top shelf in the pantry. Very clever, these kids...


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