Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt

Today is Matt's 40th birthday, and he is half a world away in Guam. Scuba diving. Now how many people can say they did THAT on their 40th? I'll probably be washing dishes and changing diapers. But this isn't about me! It's about Matt - and believe me, he had a hellish haul getting TO Guam for business; so it's not all fun and games. So I wanted to do something special for him, and thanks to his sister I have all these fun photos to post for him to see. When you try to compress 40 years into a few photos, it's REALLY hard, so I know I'm missing some stuff (our wedding is a big one) but I had to go with what was already digital, and what Matt's sister Amy was kind enough to scan for me. So without further ado, the life of Matt, in pictures:

Sweet Baby Matthew

Matt must be about 18 mos. old here, as my first thought was
'my God he looks just like Jason'

Got to love the 70's!

Here I start to see the man I know

Papa, Uncle Russ, Matt and his father Ben

Amy is this the beetle you wrecked?
The one Matt came home from the hospital in? :-)

3 generations of Lockes

Matt is always willing to pitch in and help

He calls his mother 'sweetheart'

He's the fun parent

He's handy

His favorite holiday is Halloween

He was a great big brother

and still is today

He loves me, even when I look like this

and he gave me these 4 little beauties

but no matter how old he gets, he'll still be his Momma's little boy.

Happy Birthday Matt!
Your cake will be waiting when you get back!


  1. That has to be one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me! Thank you so much for making this a special day for me (with the business stuff here, I actually almost forget).

    Love you much!

  2. Jen~ That turned out so good. I can say I have already cried today and it is only 6 in the morning. :) I know you made Matt's day very special..thanks for making mine as well. I love him dearly, and I an so blessed by the man he is. Here is hoping he has a wonderful 4oth Birthday.

  3. Awwww, this is so sweet! What a great guy and gorgeous family you have!!!

  4. Beautiful! What a great wife :)

  5. Happy Birthday Matt!

    Your hubby is a hottie! And him that pirate outfit...hubba hubba!

  6. Happy birthday to your husband. What a cute tribute. It was fun seeing all of the pictures. He sounds like a wonderful guy!! You two are so cute together!

    And what a great thing to do for his birthday!


  7. What a super sweet birthday post! When I've wanted to include pictures from outside of the digital realm, I've taken pictures of the pictures and they've turned out really well.

    Happy B-day! It looks like you're the best gift he ever got too.

  9. That was so sweet of you to do! Thanks for sharing!

    I hope he has a GREAT birthday!!!


  10. Awe, what a totally sweet post! Hope he had a very Happy Birthday!


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