Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crafty! - Annie's Robe and Slippers

Last year Evie asked for a "My Twinn" doll for her 7th birthday. This is a girl who has never ever played with dolls. She asked for a baby doll when she was 4, which then sat on her bed forgotten for months on end. She's never touched a Barbie or really been interested in paper dolls. She's all about the animals. But, it's her birthday, so whatever - if you want a doll like that, you aren't getting much else, so enjoy. "Annie" (who is not so much a 'twin' but a 'reasonable likeness') pretty much just sits on Evie's bed these days too (except when we travel anywhere overnight and then Annie must come along!).

Now Evie, being a typical kid, has enjoyed PORING through the My Twinn catalogue picking out all the outfits and accessories Annie had to have. Well I sure as hell am not spending $35 on a nightgown/robe set, soccer set, what have you (or any of the 'must haves' like the small piano or doll sized easel for ridiculous amounts of money). So I found a company online that makes patterns for doll clothing and we ordered a few. Last week I finished the nightgown/robe/bunny slippers you see here and I now know why I've been saving all my fabric scraps over the years! So I can make a wardrobe for Annie. Hmmm. Why don't my kids have grandmothers who sew??

Now it's Matt's turn to craft something for Annie; Evie has requested a doll-sized bed for her room. Because her own full sized bed isn't big enough for the two of them. Seriously.


  1. Love those doll slippers. Too cute!

  2. Those came out so well! I'm a sewer, knitter, scrapbooker, and other crafts too. I wouldn't spend $$ on doll clothes either, except maybe Barbie clothes because seriously I'd go blind trying to make barbie slippers. You did such a great job!!! oh, we found out we were preggers with #2 when #1 was 6 months old too. LOL I was a little embarrassed at the pool with a huge pregnant belly and a kid under 1. We were "those people" this summer!

  3. Those are awesome! You did a great job.

  4. Oh - you are such a good mom! My girls love their My Twinn dolls! I should get some of those patterns. And those slippers are so great!



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