Monday, April 20, 2009

Friend Making Monday - Celebrity Crush Edition!

Happy Monday! It's Friend Making Monday, and this week Andrea is hostessing at My Chihuahua Bites - go see her for all the rules and to join in.

This week's question: Who are your top five celerity crushes?

This one was a little harder than I thought at first. I came up with the last three pretty quickly, but after a little pondering, I figured if I Googled them or looked them up on IMDB, there must be something there. SO: No Robert Pattison or George Clooney here, tell me what you think of my FIVE:

Christian Bale
He's Batman, he's a bit of a bad boy, he's really handsome!
I loved The Prestige which also featured:

Hugh Jackman
All that and an Australian accent too! (Sigh) His wife is a lucky lady.

Michael Biehn
He's probably my first celebrity 'crush', way back to the 1980's when he says to
Sarah Conner "Come with me if you want to live".

Nathan Fillion
From 2 Guys and a Girl, to Firefly, a brief stint on Desperate Housewives, and now on Castle - love this guy! He's the guy next door with a terrific sense of humor. What's better than that?

and finally -
James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I discovered Buffy after my first child was born, surfing TV while nursing her at bedtime. I stumbled across reruns and got hooked. He's evil and funny and sarcastic, but saved the day at the end when it counted. You all can keep Edward, I'll take Spike any day!

Thanks for taking the time to see my picks! and don't forget to join in at Andrea's. Have a good one.


  1. Some I agree with COMPLETELY and a few are new to me. Don't you just love how different we all are?!!?

  2. LOVE Christian Bale AND Hugh Jackman. I can't believe that I forgot about both of them!!!

    Fun list! Have a great week!


  3. Hugh Jackman, loved him in the movie Australia, and at the Oscars, a tall glass of handsome!

  4. I love me a man with an accent! Great list!

  5. I Love, love, love Spike!!!!!! He is beautiful!!!! Thanks for putting him on there, I need to wipe the drool off of my chin!!!

  6. Good List! Christian and Hugh ALMOST made my list! hehe... good stuff!

  7. Nathan...OMG...good one. :-)

  8. I only know a couple of them but they are all very handsome! I would kick any of them out of bed....

  9. Completely forgot about christian Bale but Hugh Jackman made my list. that accent...what a hottie!

  10. Great list- love the pic of the last guy - chiseled face. :)

  11. Ooh, love me some Spike baby! He is so super cute - did you know he doesn't really have a british accent? The first time I saw him on an interview it really threw me for a loop!

    I've been in love with Christian Bale since Newsies!

    Great list!

  12. Hugh Jackman...yummy!

    I really like the show Castle. It is one of my new favorites.

  13. Christian Bale as Batman! HELLO!! Hugh Jackman is such a cutie! I love your list!

    Hope you have a great week!

  14. I've seen Christian Bale on quite a few lists now! He is pretty cute, but I don't like his rants. But he IS hott!!

  15. I love that you put the guy from Firefly on here, I used to love that show! and yeah, he's hot!

  16. Michael Biehn! He looks like an ex-boyfriend of mine and I always thought he was so cute!!

    Thanks for your list!

  17. i LOVE spike! such a hottie! it was a sad sad day when the last episode of buffy aired... did you see james marsters in "p.s. i love you"?

  18. Hi Jen!

    Good list. I almost put Hugh Jakman on mine. He is adorable and I love his accent. There are just too many to choose from!


  19. Gosh... I like old ones. Tom Selleck and Mel Gibson.

  20. Christian Bale is growing on me. I swear I think that I started to find him more sexy after his little tantrum.

  21. Great list! Definitely Hugh Jackman! :-)

  22. spike! oh my goodness. i loved buffy and watched mainly for him. he's such a cutie.


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